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Gorilla Gorilla started in the summer of 2012 when Logan sent Max a series of beats he had made. Max, a writer by trade, was inspired to write lyrics over them. These were the seeds of the first songs that Gorilla Gorilla wrote. Logan and Max realized that the dopeness that was their first collaboration needed more musicians to complete the vision. So Logan reached out to Molly, a talented singer-songwriter he had met at Terrace F. Club; Arjun, a jazz drummer with a knack for making it seem like he’s speaking Spanish; and Conor, a jazz bassist with an encyclopedia of weird stories in his brain. And thus, Gorilla Gorilla was born. They played their first show at Princeton’s legendary Terrace F. Club and have been vibin’ ever since.


Logan (keys, vocals) was born and raised on the sounds of Chicago. He is currently a music major.

Molly (guitar, vocals) is a goofyfooted guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She studies music and creative writing.

Conor (bass) hails from Falmouth, Maine. He studies a lot of things.

Arjun (drums) has been playing drums since the wee age of 10. He rocks out with his clock out, meaning that he keeps really good time.

Max (vocals) is an English major from Charleston, South Carolina. He sings songs and raps raps. He has an abundance of chest hair and likes Parcheesi.



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